Biographical Information:

Homeworld: Naboo

Born: 82 BBY (on Naboo)

Died: 4 ABY (on The Second Death Star)

10 ABY (On Byss)

10 ABY (on The Eclipse above Da Soocha)

11 ABY (on Onderan)(last Clone body)

Physical Description:

Species: Human (Naboo)

Gender: Male

Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 6 in)

Hair Color: Red later Gray and finally White

Eye Color: Blue, Yellow (Dark Side)


Rise of the Empire era

Rebellion era

New Republic Era


House Palpatine (as Palpatine)

Damask Holdings (as Palpatine)

Royal House of Naboo (as Palpatine)

Order of the Sith Lords (as Sidious)

Galactic Republic: (as Palpatine)

Confederacy of Independent Systems (as Sidious)

Galactic Empire (as both Palpatine and Sidious)

Known Masters:

Darth Plagueis

Known Apprentices:

Darth Maul

Vergere (Sith Candidate)

Darth Tyranus

Garth Ezzar (Dark Jedi Apprentice)

Darth Vader

Mara Jade (Dark Jedi Apprentice)


Lumiya (Dark Jedi Apprentice)

Luke Skywalker (possible Sith Apprentice)

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